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HACC Enrichment Foundation: Who We Are

In 2019, the Housing Authority of Champaign County (HACC) provided housing assistance programs and supports for over 4,000 individuals in the Champaign community. With an impact as large as ours, we recognize the need for additional services and supports to help our clients reach their highest potential beyond the need for stable housing. Earlier this year, HACC established the Housing Authority of Champaign County Enrichment Foundation 501 (c)(3). The Enrichment foundation’s mission is to grow career and economic opportunities for the clients we serve and provide educational enrichment opportunities for youth on our various housing programs. The HACC Enrichment Foundation is committed to excellence in its mission to provide support services, educational scholarships, and enrichment opportunities to clients of the Housing Authority of Champaign County!

Scholarship Opportunities : How We Help!

The HACC Enrichment Foundation has ongoing opportunities for scholarship assistance. Assistance is available to children and adults on our MTW Voucher Program:

  1. Youth Enrichment Scholarship: Up to $500.00
  2. Adult Education Scholarship: Up to $1,000
  3. Annual Highschool Senior Scholarship: Up to $2,500 (announced in June of 2020).

Scholarship assistance will be available while funding lasts. For Questions about our Enrichment Foundation Scholarship please contact:

Event & Activities: What we Do

Figure 2. and Figure 3.) Mr. David A. Northern, Sr., Executive Director/CEO of HACC with the girls participating in “A Princess Night Out.”

In addition to providing safe and affordable housing, HACC offered more opportunities and support by extending its outreach to provide recreational, educational, and other vital support services to the community. In efforts to increase the presence of male role models and father figures in our community, HACC hosted a fun-filled extravaganza called “A Princess Night Out.”  A group of young participants dressed in princess-type attire attended a Pre-celebration Party at HACC with their families.  Afterwards, Mr. David A. Northern, Sr., Executive Director/C.E.O. accompanied the young participants to the Champaign Park District’s Dancing with Dad in Hollywood event for a night of dinner and dancing. HACC reached out to vendors to raise funds for the girls to participate.  The event was a huge success.


Figure 4. and Figure 5.) HACC Staff serving dinner and a photo of the crowd at the Superbowl and Resource Party for the Homeless.

HACC also sponsored a Superbowl & Resource Party for the Homeless population in Champaign County.  This was an essential and yet festive event designed to help supply the necessary care to vulnerable individuals while enjoying the NFL game. The goal was to help those without permanent housing gain access to the numerous services they need. We raised a total of $1000 in a 3-week time frame to provide dinner, snacks, and other valuable resources such as gloves, scarves, hats and hygiene products for the homeless. The Carle Mobile Clinic administered health care services at the event. We had a chance to connect with the homeless and watch a fun football game together.

Figure 6.) Picture of the hats, gloves, and scarves and other hygiene products collected at the Superbowl and Resource Party for the Homeless.


Figure 10. & Figure 11.) Executive Director/C.E.O. David A. Northern, Sr. and Champaign Police Chief Anthony Cobb speaking at Teen Summit 2.0 event.

In the spring of 2019, a young teenage male was murdered in Champaign, IL. In response to this tragic event, HACCEF hosted its first-ever Teen Summit 2.0 for the youth in our community. The teens participated in an etiquette training demonstration, watched videos outlining strategies that were effective in reducing gun violence in Chicago, and then engaged in a lively discussion on how to stop gun violence in our community. There were many guest speakers at the Teen Summit 2.0 event including our Executive Director/C.E.O. David A. Northern Sr. and Champaign Police Chief Anthony Cobb.  All the speakers encouraged the teens to focus on their education, make wise decisions in choosing their friends, and taught conflict resolution. The forum was difficult yet engaging and critical for the health and safety of our youth.

Figure 12.) Backpacks collected and distributed at the Back to School Celebration.

In August 2019 HACCEF hosted a Back to School Celebration.  A total of 128 backpacks were filled with school supplies and distributed to the participants of the MTW Housing Choice Voucher program. The school supplies were collected from the community by another local non-profit organization called Unified4Life and donated to HACCEF. The Salvation Army made an in-kind donation of backpacks to HACCEF to help support this event.  The University of Illinois Extension office and a group from the University of Illinois Psychology Department were at the Back to School Celebration offering their services and programs, which included nutrition education and mental health programs, to our participants. HACC staff handed out snacks and drinks at the event.  The children were very happy to get their new backpacks, and they were fully equipped for school. Overall the event was very helpful to our participants and the community.


Figure 13. & Figure 14.) Pictures of the Tennis Camp participants.

HACC in conjunction with HACCEF sponsored its first ever Tennis Camp for a group of young participants of the MTW Housing Choice Voucher program. The 3-week camp was held at the University of Illinois Atkins Tennis Center, and it was offered to the participants free of charge. The kids learned basic hitting skills and played games. This was the first time these children had ever played tennis and they really enjoyed it. At HACC, we believe that all children regardless of race, ethnicity, or income should be afforded the chance to experience new and different enrichment activities.

Figure 15.) Home Depot, HACC Staff, and a group of young participants at the University of Illinois Homecoming Tailgate and Football game.

One of our vendors made a generous in-kind donation to HACCEF in October 2019. The Home Depot sponsored a tailgate and provided tickets to the University of Illinois Homecoming Football Game vs. the Wisconsin Badgers for 12 of our young program participants ages 8 – 16 years old. HACC staff transported the participants to and from the event and served as chaperones.   Many of our participants had never attended a University of Illinois football game, so this was truly a chance of a lifetime.


Figure 16.)  Two participants of the Small Business Opportunity program who received their certification in HQS Inspections and computer equipment to help start their new businesses.

With the creation of our Small Business Opportunity Program HACC and HACCEF is providing unique and innovative opportunities for economic advancement for our participants.   HACC has properties that were converted under the HUD Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program.  According to the rules of the HUD RAD Program, any property owned by HACC or any property, in which HACC has an interest, has to be inspected by a 3rd party entity.  Rather than contracting this business out to a 3rd party inspection company, we decided to assist participants in developing their own businesses in HQS inspections.

HACC hosted a three-day Nan McKay and Associates training on Housing Quality Standards (HQS), which provided an overview of general HQS requirements including: performance measures, acceptability criteria, inspection procedures, rent reasonableness determination, and lead-based paint requirements. Two of the participants of the MTW Housing Choice Voucher program passed the exam to become certified HQS Inspectors, and recently received a grant from one of our community partners to purchase computer equipment and other items for their HQS inspection businesses.  These two participants are now qualified to conduct HQS inspections for HACC and any other housing authority in the country. Through the Small Business Opportunity program, HACC and HACCEF will continue to financially assist our clients with business development.


Figure 17. & Figure 18) Pictures of the venue and attendees at the 2019 Inaugural Black-Tie Scholarship Gala.

On October 12, 2019, HACC and HACCEF hosted an evening of dinner, live entertainment, dancing, raffles, and a silent auction at its 2019 Inaugural Black Tie Scholarship Gala at the Refinery, 2302 W. John Street, Champaign, IL 61821.  The purpose of the event was to raise funds for scholarships and youth enrichment activities for low income participants in the MTW Housing Choice Voucher program. Almost 200 people attended this event, and over 90 sponsors and donors supported it.  A total of approximately $61,000 was raised from this magnificent event.