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Champaign, IL. May 21, 2021. The Housing Authority of Champaign County (HACC) is eligible for $962,568 in Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHVs), which equates to approximately 113 vouchers and funding as authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (Public Law No: 117-2). HACC will partner with the Champaign County Continuum of Service Providers to the Homeless to assist qualifying families through a direct referral process.

“Homelessness in the United States was increasing even before COVID-19, and we know the pandemic has only made the crisis worse. This emergency allocation by HUD comes at a time in which HACC needs to assist our most vulnerable populations. It will represent a new start for so many families after such a challenging year.” Lily L. Walton, HACC’s Interim Executive Director.

As part of the American Rescue Plan, HUD allocated approximately 70,000 EHVs to public housing agencies nationwide, valued at nearly $5 billion. To facilitate and expedite leasing, HACC will receive an allocation of administrative fee funding for other expenses that are not normally eligible under the Housing Choice Voucher program.

EHVs are provided to help assist individuals and families who are (1) homeless; (2) at risk of homelessness; (3) fleeing, or attempting to flee, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking or human trafficking; or (4) recently homeless and for whom providing rental assistance will prevent the family’s homelessness or having a high risk of housing instability.

About the Housing Authority of Champaign County: The Housing Authority of Champaign County (HACC) is a municipal corporation organized according to the Illinois Housing Authority Act. The jurisdiction of HACC includes all incorporated and unincorporated areas of the county of Champaign, Illinois. In 2010, HACC became one of only 39 public housing authorities in the country to be designated as a Moving to Work (MTW) Agency. Today, HACC has had extensive development and management experience and developed over $100 million of new affordable housing through mixed financing methods. Besides, HACC has administered over 1,200 tenant-based vouchers, a homeownership program, and a rental assistance program for homeless veterans. HACC also administers a multitude of resident support and service programs under various HUD and non-HUD grants. 

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