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The Housing Authority of Champaign County (HACCA) is a municipal corporation organized pursuant to the Illinois Housing Authority Act. The jurisdiction of HACC includes all incorporated and unincorporated areas of the County of Champaign, Illinois. The Housing Authority is governed by a seven-member Board of Commissioners. Members of the Board are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Champaign, the Mayor of the City of Urbana and the Chair of the Champaign County Board. One member is a participant in a HACC program. Commissioners serve for five years and have unlimited terms.


HACC was created in 1943 and for many years built, owned and managed only traditional public housing pursuant to Section 9 of the 1937 Housing Act. Faced with distressed Public Housing and ever-decreasing federal funding, HACC began redevelopment of its largest public housing communities in the 1990s using multiple mixed financing methods including Low Income Housing Tax Credits, to create new mixed-income communities. In 2010, HACC became one of only 39 Public Housing Authorities in the country to be designated as a Moving to Work (MTW) Agency.

HACC also provides so much more than housing.

We offer individuals, families, and senior citizens a foundation from which

to build successful lives and inspiring investment in self and community

through our housing opportunities and programs.

—David A. Northern Sr.

Today, HACC has extensive development and management experience having developed over $100 million dollars of the new affordable housing through mixed financing methods. HACC has successfully implemented several large redevelopment projects and participated in both the ownership structure and management of the newly developed mixed-income properties. HACC staff and consultants are tax credit certified and HACC provides asset management services and oversight of seven tax credit properties located on land owned and leased by HACC.


The current HACC portfolio consists of five Rental Assistance Demonstration properties with 254 units; seven Mixed Finance Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) communities consisting of a total of 593 units; and, two Mixed Finance communities using no LIHTC with a total of 42 units. In addition to these multi-family rental communities, HACC administers over 1,200 tenant-based vouchers; a homeownership program; and a rental assistance program for homeless veterans. HACC also administers a multitude of resident support and service programs under various HUD and non-HUD grants.

The office also serves as a spokesperson for the agency to ensure the basic rights of fair and affordable housing; provides information regarding the housing authority’s vision and mission and current policies, procedures and programs; meets with community leaders and attends public meetings to discuss issues and concerns; and speaks for the department in resolving problems to effectively restore community confidence in the agency. The Office of Constituent Services serves as a bridge between the Housing Authority of Champaign County and the community, that we serve by providing information to address legitimate concerns regarding fair housing. The office serves to build community relationships and enhance public awareness while promoting positive change. The office supports the housing authority’s interaction with the public by improving its communication with their residents, community partners, and other concerned citizens.

In addition, the office collects, analyzes and reports data to executive staff regarding issues and resolutions of legitimate concerns made by the community and clients, and the general public; identifies the location within the agency where the concerns and issues first appear by analyzing data, spotting trends and improving practices.

How to Contact Constituent Services

Phone: 217.378.7100 extension, 5001

Email: Concerns@hacc.net

David A. Northern Sr.
Housing Authority of Champaign County
Executive Director/CEO

The Housing Authority of Champaign County (HACC) is working to change the face of public housing in Champaign County, IL.  As one of the leading housing authorities in the state, and one of only 39 Moving to Work Agencies in the country, our Agency provides housing and housing-related services, for over 13,000 citizens of Champaign County.

We provide safe, decent and sanitary housing for the most vulnerable members of our community. HACC also provides so much more than housing.  We offer individuals, families, and senior citizens a foundation from which to build successful lives and inspiring investment in self and community through our housing opportunities and programs. We are there for those who need support, and for those who wish to transform their future.

Our team consists of dedicated management and housing professionals. With the continued leadership and assistance from our Board of Commissioners, we remain confident and excited about the opportunities we are able to offer to the community.  HACC continues to play a vital role in maintaining the health of our community by building strong public and private partnerships, maintaining a high standard of property maintenance, and helping low-income families move toward economic self-sufficiency.

I believe our future success depends on our willingness to offer our very best to the public as professionals who can demonstrate that they care about people and the community in which they live, work and play! Although we have challenges, we have a much brighter future. We must all come together – residents, staff, governments, businesses, partners, developers, and other stakeholders in our mission/commitment to serve the Champaign-Urbana community with housing opportunities and options.

At HACC, we are committed to “Service Above All Else”, and we believe it shows in everything we do. We look forward to continuing to serve the community, and to helping each resident thrive.

Links & Downloads

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We at the Housing Authority of Champaign County have been hard at work creating a comprehensive Local Self-Sufficiency Resource Guidebook for those who need information and services. It is still an ongoing process, and we are still making changes and adding to the book itself, but we are happy to finally post this version on our website for all to use.

This book is a list of useful resources and local services that were carefully considered by professionals on HACC and in the area. We hope that it will be of use.

To download the guide, simply click the link and it will open up a PDF of the entire Guidebook. Then you can download the file itself to your desktop, or just view it here on our website.

Resource Guidebook PDF

If you have any suggestions for local services and resources that would be of use, please contact us here on our website and include all the information you can so we can make this Guidebook a success.

Thank you.