Housing Authority of Champaign County

Providing rental assistance to low-income, elderly and disabled individuals and families


One of the Authority’s missions is to provide safe housing.  At least annually the Authority inspects all window locks and deadbolt locks on the apartment doors to ensure they are working properly.  Apartment door keys cannot be duplicated and distribution of keys is closely monitored to ensure that all keys are returned at move out.  As an added precaution all locks are changed before a new tenant moves in.   

Exterior doors in the high rise buildings are locked at all times.  Residents are issued electronic cards instead of keys for entry into the high rise buildings.  If a card is lost, the Authority cancels that card in the system so, if someone finds the card, it cannot be used to enter the building.

The Authority also has intrusion alarm systems for our office areas monitored 24 hours per day by a security firm.  Cameras record the movement of visitors and residents so that perpetrators of lease violations or criminal activity can be identified and evicted or prosecuted.

Residents do their part by reporting lease violations or criminal activity that they observe to the housing manager or local police department.  The Authority documents all reported lease violations and criminal activity and uses the information to make a case for eviction.

The Authority works closely with the local police departments to identify and rectify law-enforcement problems at each of the public housing communities.  All of the elements mentioned combine to provide a secure environment for the residents of public housing.










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