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Providing rental assistance to low-income, elderly and disabled individuals and families

 Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program is a federal program that provides rental assistance to low-income families in the private rental market through the Housing Assistance Payments Program.  This program is a win-win for both the landlords and the tenants.  Landlords still have the ability to choose their tenants, but, if they select a tenant receiving rental assistance, they are assured of receiving a subsidy payment made directly to them.


To be eligible for participation in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, an applicant or applicants must meet the following criteria established in the Housing Authority of Champaign County's Administrative Plan:

As a condition for receiving rental assistance, one able bodied 18 - 54 years must maintain continuous full time employment for at least 25 hours per week.  All other able bodied 18 - 54 household members must also maintain a minimum of 25 hours employment per week or combination of participating in school or job training.


Since the unit must meet HUD Standards and the rent must be approved under HUD Regulations, the unit will be inspected to ensure that it meets HUD Housing Quality Standards (HQS).  The prospective tenant will also be mailed a copy of the inspection repair list, if applicable.  Click here to read the HQS frequently asked questions.

The top ten reasons why apartments fail inspections are the following:

Rent Payments

The HACC will issue subsidy payments directly to the owner. Checks will be mailed on the last business day of the month prior to the month the rent is due. Extra charges by an owner to a tenant must be approved by the HACC   rental assistance program office and noted on the lease prior to any owner collecting such charges from any tenant.

If you are a landlord and are interested in participating in the Section 8 program please contact the Section 8 department at (217) 378-7100 x5010.

HQS Checklist

Inspection Report/Checklist

Read our 2015 Housing Choice Voucher Program Administrative Plan

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